Weyland Yutani - Titanfall Assault's #1 Guild Community

Welcome to the home of Weyland Yutani Guild. We are the largest guild in Titanfall Assault with 4 divisions allowing members to join across all ranks and levels. Our main guild, Weyland-Yutani has held the number one spot for all seasons of Titanfall Assault. We are always looking for new members to grow the Weyland Yutani family. If you would like to be part of our growing community, please apply to join one of the Weyland Yutani divisions by going to the Join Us page.

Why Choose Weyland Yutani

Want to be part of the largest community of top players in Titanfall Assault?

Want to play and learn from and practice against the best to become one of the best?

Want to talk strategy at every level of the game and put it into practice in battles that wont eat your trophies but actually challenge you unlike the AI commanders?

Then you should choose Weyland Yutani Guilds.